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Telephone Counseling with Robert Burney - Subsequent Session - 75 Minutes

Telephone Counseling with Robert Burney - Subsequent Session - 75 Minutes
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The dynamics of the phone counseling process are: once you take care of payment we set an appointment for a time and day that works for both of us, and then you call me at that time. I prefer to work out the logistics of setting the appointment by email (rather than long distance phone tag) - and once payment has been made and an appointment time set, I will email you the phone number on which to call me. If someone doesn't have e-mail they can call (805-203-5875), but I do prefer to work things out by email whenever possible. 

Payment can be made through the secure credit card links or PayPal (which allows people to pay out of an account that can be drawn from either a credit card or checking account) links below - or by mailing me a check (Robert Burney PO 1028, Cambria, CA 93428). If someone mails a check, I will need to wait until I receive it before setting up an appointment. Once payment is made by either by credit card or PayPal, the appointment can usually be set up within a couple of days. 

In revising this page in May 2004, I made it mandatory to do an hour and a half session for the initial session. It really takes a full hour and a half initial session to give an explanation of how the process works - and to give you the beginning of an understanding of what actions are necessary on your part to facilitate the transformation. (I did change this requirement somewhat in November of 2006 - see announcement below Initial payment links below.) Once a person has had several sessions to start understanding the process, the difference between the 1 1/2, 1 1/4, and hour sessions is simply a matter of getting a feel for what fits you personally. 

The rates for the package deals of multiple sessions range from around $58 per hour (for 6 one hour or 5 hour and a quarter sessions - or the first offer on the Special Offers page) up to the $70.00 per hour price for a single hour session. When added to the cost of the phone call (what with such cheap long distance rates in effect now, can be $ .05 a minute or less - and this is true in many countries in Europe and Down Under also these days) still comes out to a very reasonable rate. To find quality counseling anywhere for these kind of prices is an almost impossible task these days. There are not many places to get counseling for less than $80 an hour - and $125 to $150 is probably more normal in many places. So even at $70 per hour this is a real bargain. And since my approach is focused on helping you transform your life into an easier, more enJoyable and Loving experience in a short period of time, this may be the greatest bargain you will ever encounter in this lifetime. 

Normally after the initial session, an hour session is sufficient although some people will prefer the hour and 30 minutes or hour and 15 minute sessions.

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