m_Testimonials for the Web Sites of Robert Burney

Responses to January Update and from those who replied to my special appeal for Help mailing:

"I'm so happy to hear of your new found wealth of joy :-) I wish you the best. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you also for helping me at a time when my heart was aching and I was so confused. . . Thanks for your help. Congratulations on your happiness. You deserve it."

"Your welcome for the donation. I have a little extra money this time of year. And I was reading your update and got to the part about your book. Towards the end when you were pleading and you were asking for anyone who had been impacted by your work to donate. Your book, your web-site, and these sessions have all made a big impact on my life and my recovery. Everytime I tell my story in a Coda newcommers meeting I remember the night I found your web-site and read and read for days. It was the first time I realized why I was so sick and the first time I could ever remember having some sort of voice come from under the pain, a voice that sounded like the real me. For that and some many more reasons I know that I'm on a path to more joy and love. And that God intended me to meet you, so I could learn about the real me. Thank you so much."

"Just read your your Update Newsletter 2006 and what has been happening in your recovery adventure. I am so happy for your wonderful news. May God of the Universe and all the Magnificent Angels continue to bless and keep lighting your path. I will also keep you in my prayers that the "Dance" keeps going out to more spiritual beings who need to know about the dis-ease at a much deeper level! I know I have benefitted from so much. You are such a dear En-Lightened-Being and I truly hope the best for you and yours. I did send you a small Love-offering through PayPal and may the God/Goddess encourage more Magnificient Spritual Beings who have been so wonderfully and miraculously helped do their part in "giving back" to the Universe to assist in keeping the "Dance" going on. More souls need to encounter the Divine message you have communicated. In Light, Love and Prayers."

(This person is responding to the subscription to Dancing in Light; that I sent to people who donated - and that is still available on the Help Page.)

"Dear Robert:
Thank you for the subscription to Dancing in Light; I had missed having access to that material. I would be hard pressed to cite a single paragraph that I wouldn't deem worth fifty dollars to me. . . . . . But your January Newsletter with your characteristic honesty and willingness to share both the glory and the grief of working this path reminded me of the very precious Truth that my path is unfolding perfectly according to a Divinely arranged plan, even when, and especially when, it feels more like some Cosmic game of "Wack-a-mole" (as in, just when you poke your head up, it feels like you get clobbered). Within a day or so of having read the Newsletter, I got myself out of a very dark place by simply recognizing my right and my need to grieve (and doing so), and, to me, just as powerfully by being grateful. Among the reasons to be grateful are just the love and joy you describe in your life now, Robert: I rejoice along with so many other people in the pictures of your beautiful family. Yet, once again, you have taught me that I can feel more than one emotion at a time: I grieve at the prospect of any of your work not being available. Please consider my earlier suggestion that I would be willing to subscribe on a regular basis. I read on average a book a day. No where else can this material be found. Your body of work is incomparable."

"I just donated not because I'm altruistic - but because I keep loaning out my copies of the book (and once the tapes) and they never seem to find their way back to me - so I need to order another copy for myself (again!) and of course from now on I'll just be referring people directly to you for their own copies. Peace and prosperity to you and yours...."

"I am not on your e-mail list yet, as this the first time I have messaged you; however, I have been reading the articles you have on the website, particularly those on co-depencence and healing the inner child. I am in recovery in a 12-step program and I have been working on my issues for over 10 years. When it became clear in therapy and through my reading that my issues lay below the surface addiction, I went on the internet and did a search on co-dependence. Your site was one of the top 3, so I took a shot. I have since become an avid reader. I read your request for donations to have the book, which I have not read yet, printed. I will be sending a gift through PayPal. I can't afford much because my life is in transition, but what I can afford I will send. Thanks for you work and your inspiration."

"....thank you for sharing your need with everyone. I know that everything will be in place, exactly when you need it to be. :-) I was only able to share $25.00 but if everyone did $25.00 .... it is amazing how people realize the expense to *carry the message* Blessings to you"

"Thanks, for all the information that you share. I can relate to so much and I am so grateful for recovery. I appreciate you."

"I have benefited tremendously from your writings"

"Well the site has made such a difference in my life and understanding myself (it's a great supplement to my therapy sessions) I had to thank you in some way!"

"I wish you all the best, Robert. Your book and audio tape were of great comfort to me, and I enjoy your web-site."

"I purchased your book several years ago, and visited and studied your site for quite a while. It really helped me get through a tough stage I was going through. Truthfully, I have not thought about it for quite some time, as life as gone on as it does. However, this morning, I was reflecting on some goals I have when your site popped into my head. I wanted to be sure to include a link to your site and acknowledge you online for a variety of reasons, once I got my idea up and running. But I couldn't remember the site name. I put it down in my thought list to be sure to look it up. Then I got home, and there was this email from you. If I have received emails from you recently, I was not aware of it as I rarely use this address anymore as it is so clogged up with spam anymore. But there you were, hitting me in the face. I am not a believer in coincidence. I contributed what I could at the moment, but also felt compelled to write to you. At the moment I don't have much else to offer you except support and encouragement to not quit. What you have written and are committed to in your personal life, and ambition to help others is a terrific life's work. It reached me, a stranger, and I am sure that there are many others out there. I also admire your courage to reach out and ask for help."

"Your book was one of the first books i read in recovery and I am now 21 mnths clean and sober!!! Thank you for your wisdom! I will pass your link to friends I think will benefit from reading it. It really helped me!"

"I was able to donate $10 to your cause. I'm sorry it couldn't be more. You touched my life in a very critical time and I am forever grateful."

"you are a very big part of my healing and I am grateful. I am happy to do what I can and wish it was more...Thank you for all that you have contributed to me... all my blessings in your journey"

"I *so* wish I was rich and could help you right now because your web site has helped me incredibally and I want to thank you."

"i have benifited so much from your giving and sharing and human-ness. i have prayers to contribute, i also, have no money, and i have great prayers and great belief and God provides me with opportunities, yay, prayers are with you, my friend."

"Thanks for your email, good luck with the print run. I have enjoyed, and leaned a lot reading your websites and book. I am co-dependent alcoholic in recovery, and making progress, thanks !"

"It is my pleasure to support the important work you are doing. I bought audio tapes of Dance of Wounded Souls and have listened to them many, many times. Your insights are wonderful. I am also grateful for your courage to share your personal life on your webpage. I do receive your newsletter and enjoy it very much. Thank you for access to The Dancing in Light page. Wishing you much success "when one follows one's dream the whole universe conspires to achieve it.""

"I hope the Book publishing is going well for you. I believe your work has touched many and the Universe will find a way for your words to reach many more. I also believe that the Universe will manifest the financial well being that you need and so deserve, coming out your generosity, to continue your work."

"I had emailed you about two or three years ago and you responed back to me. (you may not remember) I was quite surprised to see an email from you. It was funny, becauce about a month ago, I was searching for your website...and do you think that I could find it.. NO. I couldn't. Then I log on this evening and see an email with your address plain and clear. I guess things happen for a reason, eh. I praise you for having the courage and strength to ask for donations. If I had a lot of money, I would donate all that you needed. I would. However, with that not being the case, I can only donate a small amount of $10. I will mail it to you, ok. I am very proud of you. You are a wonderful man. Don't forget it."

"You are welcome Robert. One day I asked for help and you were there to help me. I am happy to be helpful to you now. Thank you for the Dancing in Light subscription....your writing has always inspired me to heal and find my way...again, thank you. Happy, joyous and free"

"Just sent a donation. It's been years since what you wrote gave me a lift. It wasn't about the personal soul mate journey stuff, it was the truth of the past impacting me today that hit me. I wasn't crazy after all. I had amnesia because of the trauma, and reading what you had written was helpful in confirming I was on the right path. It resonated."

"I opened my eyes this morning, looked around at the light filling the room, and smiled, happy to be awake, happy to be alive, happy to be who and where I am. I leaped out of bed. A little later, while getting ready for work and doing my gratitude work, I had just come to the part where I express gratitude for the gift of feelings, when I gasped, "You woke up happy, ______!"
Happy right now. Happy in this moment.
Joy to you and your family, Robert!
Robert, I just accessed Dancing in Light, clicked on a link I was drawn to, and read this passage:

"It also helps to realize that most of the people who have power and riches are not old souls. Old souls have lived a lot of lifetimes and were born at a heart chakra level of consciousness in this lifetime. Their life paths are about following their heart path - not the power and acquisition path of those who are coming from a solar plexus chakra level of consciousness. In fact, many old souls are out of balance in relationship to their solar plexus consciousness (and therefore money and material possessions) because they did not know how to allow themselves to open up to manifestation without betraying their heart path. Many of us had the experience in past lives of abusing our power and are terrified of doing it again. We are also terrified because in past lives when we owned our power we got punished for it."

I am soooo grateful for this passage and the A-HA moment of recognition of intuitive Truth! This is so Amaaaaaaazing-zing-zing! Every bit of crap, ah, fertilizer in 2005 blows away like so much dust compared with this. I gave myself a hug at how delicious this is. Please hug yourself and anyone else you've a mind to! Thank you soooo much!