Testimonial in the summer of 2000

One of my first phone clients sent this Testimonial in the summer of 2000

I am a 55 year old woman, who has been in chronic physical pain, (specifically , back pain), since my early 20's. Recently, after having stopped smoking, my back pain became almost unbearable. A friend gave me a book called, "The Mindbody Prescription" by "John Sarno, M.D." I read it, and became aware, without any doubt, that my back pain of all these years was caused by "repressed feelings" and decided to try Dr.Sarno's suggestions, one of which is to " talk to your pain". My pain decreased, and I followed all the other suggestions. But then, it flared up worse than ever. I expected this, since to paraphrase Dr. Sarno, the unconscious does not want these "repressed feelings" to come out. Not only did my pain increase, but it started to move around!!!

I had had some previous exposure to "inner child" work and was familiar with the work of "John Bradshaw". In the midst of all this misery, I was able to remember my inner children, and thought it would be much more useful to think of these , "repressed" feelings as my inner children trying to get their unmet needs met. Moreover, I know that the work of dealing with "repression" is usually left to psychoanalytic therapists who are prohibitively expensive, and a very long term proposition. So, one day, in a rather desperate state, I went in search of help on the net, and found Robert Burney's page. His words touched me so deeply and resonated with everything that I was thinking and feeling. I immediately ordered his book, and shortly after, called for some telephone sessions. I feel that his work is nothing short of miraculous, and I am an agnostic. I mention this, because if there is anyone out there, suffering as I was, and they don't want to read the "spiritual" aspects of Robert's work, I would want them to know that reading the sections on "feeling the feelings" , "codependency" , "inner child healing" etc. is what I found so helpful. Now , I go back to Robert's book and /or web page almost daily. I have a session with Robert once a week by telephone.

I cannot begin to describe how much he has helped me. Robert is an extremely competent, wonderfully sensitive, perceptive, special and spiritual individual. He is so good at what he does, that I don't think I will need these sessions much longer. He also does not push his "spiritual beliefs" onto me, which this agnostic has appreciated enormously. And yet, I have to say that I find his more spiritual writings to be quite beautiful.

With Robert's help, I am "feeling the feelings" and although this is often very painful work emotionally, I am now able to feel real joy in my life. AND, most spectacularly, I have no physical pain, despite significant structural abnormalities in my back. I have not taken a pain medication for quite some time and am quite confident I will never need one again. When, I feel that physical pain might be starting up, I talk to my children, and no pain arrives. I have resumed full physical activities, and am living life fuller than ever.

I have such gratitude to this wonderful man, Robert Burney, and am so happy that he is living on the planet at this time. Thank you, Robert!!!!

Agnostic in New England